Enhance Your Stay

Thank you for staying at our place. 🫶

We want you to have memorable experiences of your stay and enjoy the beautiful Paris 🇫🇷

We are happy to help you enhance your stay and suggest some great activities ? 😊

  • Airport pickup ✈️
  • Early arrival
  • Child daycare
  • Breakfast delivered 🥐
  • French Wine and cheese planche 🍷
  • Private chef 🧀
  • French Cabaret
  • Massage Spa treatment 💆‍♀️
  • Renting bicycles 🚲
  • Wine Testing
  • Safe Haven for the Luggage

Want to do more? Here is the perfect Gateway Guide in Paris!

Any other activities you want to do, let us know at contact@bluegreenexpedition.com

Have a great stay and enjoy the beautiful Paris!